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Quality Attic Insulation & Ventilation services in New York State

Keeping your home properly ventilated
Whether you want to keep your property cool in summer and warm in winter, or you are looking for attic and ventilation services, our professionals at Nick's Insulation & Ventilation in the NYS area are here to do just that. We find it necessary to ensure the best insulation and ventilation for your property. We believe in keeping prices to a minimum without compromising on quality.  

What we do

 •  All Types of Insulation

   o     Attic

   o     Side Walls

   o     Basements

   o     Additions

      •All Types of Ventilation

• Attic Mold Prevention

• Insulation Removal

• Infrared Technology

  • Spray Foam Insulation 

Attic ventilation services

We provide home ventilation services to keep your attic properly ventilated. Poor ventilation can ruin your insulation, and increase your energy bills. Our services include the installing of attic vents and soffit vents for aluminum, vinyl, and wood homes.
We also specialize in the installation of The Inhaler, a unique attic ventilation product that allows us to add soffit vents to homes with little or no roof overhang. The Inhaler soffit intake vent allows you to properly ventilate your attic without changing the cosmetic look of your home. The PVC drip edge on The Inhaler guarantees that rain water and melted ice will never leak into your home through the intake vents. 

Home insulation

Our insulation contractors will work with you to achieve the insulation your property needs, whether it's a small ceiling space in the attic or the whole house. We install blown insulation as well as batting and sidewall insulation. We are also certified to install spray foam in attics, basements, and additions. We also use infrared technology to show you insulation problem areas.

Highest quality products and servicesa

At Nick's Insulation & Ventilation we use only the highest-quality products on the market for our insulation and ventilation services, including JetStream from Knopf, Handi-Foam, Fiberglass, Cellulose, Soundproofing and Go Green environmentally friendly insulation. For more information why not give our friendly team in the Rochester area a call today.
man providing insulation and ventilation services in the Rochester, NY
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